“…embark on a futile bout of lexical tail-chasing as you endeavour to find adequate adjectives with which to catalogue his stunning, burnt sugar vocals.”

- Stylus Magazine

Damon Aaron


"Don't Want to Know"

Having spent the last several years touring and releasing instrumental music under the name Contact Field Orchestra,  Damon Aaron picks up where he left off with a soulful version of John Martyn’s “Don’t Want to Know”.


“Don’t Want to Know” was a one-off he casually recorded at home and sent to friends during the pandemic.  John Martyn’s repeated mantra “I don’t want to know about evil” seemed like the only song to sing at the time. It still does. Now it’s being released as the first single from a new vocal album forthcoming this year.  



Most well known for a brand of soul/folk songwriting that is liberal with it's cross-pollination of American and African roots music,  Damon Aaron has also been at the intersection of the LA jazz and beat scene for many years. 

As a guitarist, he's been featured with seminal hip-hop MC Divine Styler, Ghanain Reggae singer Rocky Dawuni, and LA Ethio-Jazz favorite Ethio-Cali amongst others.  His work with Carlos Niño and jazz orchestra Build An Ark allowed him the opportunity to play with luminaries like Nate Morgan, Michael White, Derf ReklawBig Black, and Phil Ranelin amongst others.  His vocal collaborations have included Telefon Tel AvivAnthony Valadez(KCRW), and Barbara Morgenstern.  His production work has found him making beats and composing music with Mike Simpson(Beastie Boys,Beck).

For the last several years, he's been performing a dubbed-out live show at festivals throughout Europe(Fusion,Garbicz, Lethargy) and releasing music as Contact Field Orchestra.  CFO is a multi-media project that combines found sounds, hand-built percussion, hacked toys, and tall tails.  The debut lp, “Contact Field Orchestra Vol. 1”, was released in late 2013 in partnership with acclaimed art collective HIT+RUN.   Recorded almost entirely with contact microphones, this project allowed him to explore different textures and rhythms as instrumental compositions favoring mbira, melodica, and banjos. 

Currently, he's writing and recording new vocal music and doing session work in Los Angeles.  He contributed to DJ Nobody's latest Ubiquity release, as well as The Gaslamp Killer's "Heartmath". 

Don't Want to Know (Single)

2022 Deodar Records


2022 Deodar Records


2017 Deodar Records


2014 Deodar Records


2009 Ubiquity


2021 Deodar Records

(Originally released 2005 Plug Research)


2008  Karen P Presents:  Broadcasting  (Sonar  Kollectiv)

2001  Dublab Presents: Freeways (Emperor                       Norton/Dublab)

2006  Impeach The Precedent (Kick Snare Hat)

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1999  The Funky Precedent Vol. 1 (Loose Groove)


2019 The Gaslamp Killer, Heartmath

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2020  Son of the South, Directed by Barry Alexander,     "Roughshod"

2016  Ray Donovan, "Pick And Axe"

2014  Composer, In Between Songs, Directed by Joshua Bell

2013  Assistant Composer/Guitars, The Power Of Few, Directed by Leon Marucci, Music by Mike Simpson

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2007 Megan Jacobs, Prosperity